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​​​2020 Season - so far, more to come!

Philly Fringe Festival, October 3rd, 2020
"Bon Appetit!" by Julia Child and Lee Hoiby (In a Pandemic!)

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We Began ​Fall 2015.

aurora classical.

Aurora Classical's mission is to provide classical music without all the perceived pretense that can get in the way of its enjoyment.  Our goal is to introduce the art to those who may not have had access before and provide opportunity for classical performers to share their work.

Aurora Classical takes its name and inspiration from the news paper "Philadelphia Aurora" which was founded by Benjamin Franklin Bache, grandson to Benjamin Franklin.  The paper stood for the rights of "yeoman farmers","planters" and the "plain folk".  We believe classical music is for everyone no matter your budget!

"For Weinman, if just one person comes to an Aurora Classical show and decides to buy a ticket to the Academy of Music, the Kimmel Center or similar venues, their “work is done.”
​                                   - Sami Rahman, The Temple News

We began providing performances and opportunities to perform in Fall 2015.  If you are interested in attending or a musician looking to perform please contact us at proprietor@auroraclassical.org.  All applications will be viewed and you will be notified as soon as possible.
We can't wait to get started!

Philadelphia Aurora

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"..this was the début undertaking of Aurora Classical ("All of the quality, none of the pretense"), a new company (artistic directed by Weinman) whose goal is to bring classical music to the people via low-key concerts, kids opera productions and classical open mic matinées.
Keep an eye out – if their future projects are half as enjoyable as this one, good things are in store."  
​                                        - K. Ross Hoffman, Philadelphia City Paper